Fire Tests FAR 25.856 a & b Expertise

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Test facility materials and equipment definition

Hutchinson Aerospace Services is able to test and define all your products, which have to respect the aerospace regulations. We are also able to solve your problems related to aerospace regulations. The Fire Tech Center (FTC) is a flammability test laboratory recognized by COFRAC - Independent Lab ISO17025. The Fire Tech Center uses various resources and methods, which also includes non-flammability tests, to define materials and equipment.

Main Fire tests

  • ISO 2685 (Fire areas – Jet engines and APU)
  • FAR 25.853 (Compartment interiors)
  • FAR 25.856.a (Flame Propagation)
  • FAR 25.856.b (Flame Penetration Resistance) 

Main non Fire tests 

  • Smoke Density
  • Smoke Toxicity